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High Pulse Poker download and bonus

High Pulse Poker bonus: 50% rakeback

With a registration at High Pulse you can now benefit twice as much. On the one side you can get a 50% rakeback deal when entering the referral code RAKEBACK50. On the other you can participate in several freerolls without deposit and win free money without any risk!

Get your 50% rakeback now and play many freerolls without deposit!

Once you have created your player account you can play freerolls every 15 minutes with prizes from 10€ up to 250€. In addition, you can play free satellites and win your tournament attendance with prizes from 2000€ to 10000€. The following freerolls are held regularly:

  • every 15 minutes - 10 € freeroll NL Holdem
  • every 30 minutes - 20 € Omaha freeroll
  • every hour - 25 € Bankroll Builder
  • daily 8:00 pm - 250 € Daily Special

Furthermore, you can register every hour for the current satellite qualifier, to win your start place for big events as the 2,000€ real money launch freeroll or the 10,000€ Xmas freeroll.

High Pulse Poker download and registration

Start your High Pulse Poker Download now and enter during the registration the referral code RAKEBACK50 and all the free tournaments are just waiting on you. Once you have completed the registration process you can play freerolls and start winning free real money. When playing the cash games you will get every Sunday 50% of your payed fees automatically transferred to your player account.

This incredible High Pulse Poker Bonus without deposit offers you further advantages. Every registered player get in the software a so called 'affiliate code'. With this special code you can invite friends or other player to play at High Pulse. These new players get the same 50% offer as you and as a commission you get additionally 25% of the rake they have generated. If you refer for example 3 players of this kind which rakes as much as you, you will earn even more rakeback than you would be able to get just on your own. These players can now refer players on their own and you will still get a percentage of their rake. Although the percentage is halved from level to level you will be able to earn a nice sum when the number of players increases on its own. Among the poker rooms this commission system is unique and you should take your chance and take part now. It is up to you to invite friends or acquaintances or to convince players around the world with your website. The big pluses for this new poker room are the multiplicity of freerolls as well as 50% rakeback offer.

Join now, refer a friend and make extra money!


High Pulse is on its way to revolutionize online poker in general. Not only has the software itself a unique style with stunning design, the High Pulse Poker bonus with 50% rakeback and the innovative affiliate program all set new standards. As the real money tables were recently (15.11.2011) launched, this is one of the smaller rooms. At least the unique 50% rakeback deal will definitely be a reason for poker players to check out this poker-room. A further reason is the excellent compensation program for players referred by you. Besides your poker play you now have the chance to boost your income easily.